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Let me build you something awesome

I build dynamic, responsive, vibrant web experiences that are both intuitive and fun to interact with. From static, promotional websites to interactive web applications, my designs will give your users something to remember you by.

Responsive designs built for every screen size

Every design is rigorously tested to ensure it looks just as good on a tiny smartphone as it does on a widescreen computer monitor. With 56% of consumer web traffic coming from mobile devices, it's just silly not to.

Strong back-end architecture and data management

Solid server-side architecture for dynamic, interactive web applications; powerful custom content management; and reliable database interaction and record-keeping.

UI that's intuitive and fun to use

Your app or website works how your clients think it should, both with a mouse and keyboard and with a touchscreen. Because good user interface design is fun to interact with, your site will never be boring!

Drive traffic to your app or website

Vibrant design, useful functionality, and an enjoyable user experience keeps them coming back.

Your web presence is important

Whether you need to maintain client information, to provide sales and service over the internet, or just to get the word about your business or organization out there, quality matters. I begin the design process by learning as much about you and your organization as possible - your core values, your workflow, your client base, your personality. Your web presence shouldn't be a generic template with your logo slapped on top. Your web presence should reflect you, your employees, and your clients.

Who am I?

I'm a web developer living in Illinois with my wife, Mary, and our three dogs, Max, Lucky, and Sadie. We lead pretty busy lives, so we mostly enjoy any opportunity we can get to just stay home and watch a movie, write strange stories, or play board games. A lot of our weekends are spent on our snail's-pace home renovation.

Jake and Mary Runge in Autumn Jake and Mary Runge Jake's dogs

Web development has provided me the opportunity to combine the activities I have enjoyed since childhood, from art to coding to writing. It has become something I love getting lost in—practical puzzles not just to be set aside when solved, but that always make me just a little better of a coder and a little more skillful of a designer; a little more efficient and a little more adventurous. I have discovered a passion for developing engaging, responsive, and accessible designs and interfaces, and for writing code that is useful, adaptable, and efficient.

Like what you see? I'd love to hear from you! Get in touch with me here.


fish food pantry

FISH Food Pantry (Draft)

Website: FISH Food Pantry (Draft)

Created: 2018


Website is in final draft form. Minor changes to design, layout, or content are expected. The "Donate" button's functionality is currently disabled as account settings are configured to receive donations.


  • Made with Laravel
  • Blog-style post authoring system
  • Integration with TinyPNG to automatically resize and compress user-uploaded PNG and JPG images
  • Integration with Quill.js rich text editor for post authoring
  • Integration with Paypal online donation system forthcoming
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portfolio site

Portfolio Site

Website: Jacob Runge - Portfolio

Created: 2017

All code available on GitHub


  • Single-page design
  • Dynamic content display based on URL hash
  • JavaScript History API used to define browser back/forward button behavior
  • One of four random video backgrounds loaded on the splash screen
  • Velocity.js and CSS3-based animations
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First United Methodist website

First United Methodist Church

Website: First United Methodist Church [live site] (may contain client alterations)

Archived: First United Methodist Church [archived]

Created: 2016 (currently maintained)


  • Promotionally-based (a "digital poster")
  • Design based on FUMC mission statement
  • Mobile-first responsive
  • Content page loads data dynamically from SQL database
  • Custom CMS for church staff

Custom CMS includes:

  • User account creation
  • Permissions management
  • Rich-text page editing
  • Image management
  • AJAX page updates
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Content management system

Content Management Demo

Demo: CMS Demo

Created: 2016-2017


The CMS demo, as implemented on the First United Methodist Church website. Some features (like account creation and permissions management) unavailable. The demo will create a temporary account and allow the user to change content in the site database; however, those changes will only appear to that user.

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Sample websites

Sample Designs


Created: 2017


Sample designs are largely single-page. Content is mostly placeholder content. All sample designs created to work responsively.

Old First United Methodist website

First United Methodist Church (2013-2016)

Website: First United Methodist (2013-2016) [archived]

Created: 2013-2014 (maintained through 2016)


First United Methodist's webpage was my first major webpage design project, started in 2013. In order to wrap my mind around the code already in place on the website, my goal was not to redesign, but to replicate what the original designer had created, and to build on it from there. The result was a page that had a similar appearance to the original designer's (archived here), but that was built from scratch. Nearly all graphics were recreated (including the header image), and all code is original.

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All images on this website were created by me, unless otherwise noted on the "Attributions" page linked to in the footer. I have included additional samples of my graphic work below.

Poster Ads

Created: 2017

A series of parody advertisements for the Carl Sandburg College Tutoring Center, sized at 22"x28", featuring tutors in classic posters and pop culture advertisements.

Missy Paris as Rosie the Riveter Mark Beckham as Uncle Sam Mark Beckham as Sheldon Cooper

Reference images were incorporated to varying degrees into the final posters. For the Rosie the Riveter poster, I took the full background image of the original and filled in gaps where necessary; the Uncle Sam poster incorporated some of the original text art; the Big Bang Theory poster background was replicated from scratch, with no actual elements taken directly from the original.

Original Rosie the Riveter poster Original Uncle Sam poster Original Big Bang Theory poster
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Personal Images

Created: 2017

Image of my wife and I, color-adjusted and saturated. I removed my double-chin, fixed my teeth, and altered my eyes to make it appear as though I was looking at the camera.

Jake and Mary before touchups Jake and Mary after touchups

Image of my dogs. Corrected green tint and carpeted over the transition to tile.

dog picture before touchups dog picture after touchups

"Just Us League" images

Created: 2017

Created for First United Methodist Church. View "Just Us League" promo cards here.

Just Us League logo Just Us League logo, black lettering

Reference Image:

The original "Justice League" logo, used as inspiration.

Justice League logo (original reference image)
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Created: 2017

PDF brochures for the Tutoring Center and Disability Support Services (created for Carl Sandburg College). View the Tutoring Center and Disability Support brochures. Created 2017.

Created: 2013

View the Crisis Care brochure (created for First United Methodist Church) here.

I removed the background of the image of Mark Beckham tutoring to make the scene less crowded and the image more versatile. Removing the pink bag in the foreground required reconstructing part of Mark's hand, the desk, and several papers (comparison below).

Mark Beckham Tutoring original Mark Beckham Tutoring revised
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Contact Me

Want to get in touch?

Feel free to email me at jwrunge@gmail.com. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, or just talk about web development.

If you're interested in having your website or webapp (re)designed, please contact me via email. I would love the opportunity to discuss your project!

Want to see more?

To see the code for most of my projects, including full site designs, my JavaScript libraries and JQuery plugins, and PHP scripts, check out my GitHub page.

For interactive JavaScript demos, check out my JSFiddle page.